US allocates new weapons to Ukraine but support is weakening

“If we don’t get more help, we will lose the war.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s appeal to American senators during his visit to Washington is almost desperate. A trip in which the Ukrainian leader received new military support, but also in the frustration and fatigue of Republicans. An issue that could be decisive in the next presidential elections and thus jeopardize the progress of the war.

New supplies to Kiev

The US is expected to allocate almost certainly around $325 million in new weapons in the next few hours. The new materials should also include “cluster bombs” and “anti-aircraft defense systems”. But Biden also wants to have a firm point about the situation on the ground. American National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said this on CNN. The American president will reiterate US support for the Kiev leader “as long as necessary.” The White House official stated that Biden would talk with Zelensky about “Ukraine’s special needs in terms of weapons” and stated that ATACMS long-range tactical missiles, which are widely supported by Kiev, were “out of the question”, but this is currently the case. “No decision has been made regarding this matter.”

Republicans say no to new war aid

However, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Republican Kevin McCarthy, made it clear that the tap could be turned off soon. Republicans oppose passing a $24 billion aid package for Ukraine later this year at the urging of Joe Biden. “We have our own financial problems to deal with. We have 10,000 people who just crossed the border, and the President is only thinking about Ukraine,” McCarthy said, but described his meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky as “positive” and “productive.”

Just hours before the Ukrainian president’s visit, a group of Republican lawmakers sent a letter demanding no further aid. The letter, dated today, Thursday, September 21, was sent to the White House executive office and was signed by 23 members of the House of Representatives and six senators.

In the letter, lawmakers remind that since the beginning of the war, the United States has allocated $114 billion in additional funds to Ukraine and “affected countries,” but that this amount “does not reflect the full picture, including what has been transferred.” and reprogrammed funds.” The senators wrote, “The vast majority of Congress does not yet know how much the United States has spent overall on this conflict so far; “This information is necessary for Congress to prudently exercise its appropriations authority,” he said.

So things seem to be getting complicated for Kiev. And domestic political reasons certainly influence the assessment, but there are also growing doubts about a counter-offensive that never really seems to work. And the impression is that the winter will be decisive for the fate of the war and the political future of Zelensky himself.

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Source: Today IT