Crimea, Ukraine raise the bar: missiles under the command of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea

Explosions at the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea fleet hit by a Ukrainian missile attack. New attack in Sevastopol confirmed by videos circulating on social media and by the region’s pro-Russian governor, Mikhail Razvozhaev, in a message via Telegram, as reported by Ria Novosti. “At fleet headquarters, enemies launched a missile attack,” the message says, “all emergency services arrived at the scene. Information about possible victims is being clarified.”

An attack that could be followed by others. Razvozhayev further warned that “another attack is possible. Please do not go to the city center. Three powerful explosions were heard in the city, causing the windows to shake. “A rocket was also heard flying over the south of the city,” explains local media. Another Telegram channel reports that air defense forces have been activated in Sak and Bakhchisarai districts.

In the last few hours, Moscow raised the alert for possible attacks in Crimea. “It is very likely that the Russian Black Sea Fleet has again been heavily attacked and that the explosions at the Chkalovsky air base near Moscow constitute the most strategic concern for Russian leaders,” British intelligence wrote on Facebook, adding that “Over the past four days, both Russia and Ukraine have suffered unusually intense attacks behind their lines.” But, stresses the Ministry of Defense in London, it is the air base that worries Moscow most, being “a sensitive location because it hosts military aircraft specialized services and transportation for Russian leaders.”

Source: IL Tempo