He called 112 more than 3 thousand times, then error: it ended badly

For months, he called the emergency number 112 to make false reports. More than 3,000 phone calls made from an untraceable device sent police on a literal manhunt. In the end, the so-called “serial caller” made a mistake: He called from his private cell phone instead of a SIM-free phone. And so officers were able to find and arrest her: a 57-year-old woman went to jail. The incident took place in Velp, Netherlands.

The reasons that prompted the woman to bombard the emergency switchboard with calls are unclear. According to the Omroep website, the 57-year-old man started calling 112 starting last February, averaging 12 calls a day. Last May, police issued a public appeal to report the case, reminding them that raising an alarm is a crime and that such actions make the work of law enforcement and rescue teams difficult.

Police searches focused on the mostly elderly neighborhood of Velp, and dozens of residents were questioned but without success. Calls always came from a SIM-free phone, allowing us to roughly locate the area the calls were coming from. The turning point this week was when the 57-year-old man made the mistake of calling from his private number. The police took this opportunity and caught and arrested the woman who confessed.

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Source: Today IT