More than 50 dead in Philippines landslide and floods

More than 100,000 people in the southern and eastern islands of the Philippines were affected by the storm. The BBC reported that many had already left their homes on Sunday. They went to shelters or higher places.

safe place

Continued rain is making recovery difficult, but weather conditions appear to have improved since yesterday. The storm has subsided, according to the Philippine National Meteorological Agency.

About 17,000 people were rescued from the region yesterday. Rescuers are still searching for bodies in destroyed and flooded villages and bringing people to safety. In many places the water comes up to the breasts. The death toll is expected to rise.

hurricane belt

Hurricane Rai in the Philippines killed at least 31 people at the end of last year. It left a trail of destruction, especially in the southern and central regions. More than 300,000 people left their homes due to bad weather conditions.

The Philippines is located in a so-called hurricane belt and has to endure about 20 storms every year. The strongest hurricane to hit the Philippines was Haiyan, which cost more than 6,500 people in 2013.

Source: NOS