The Argentinian cumbia singer dies in an accident together with his wife and brother-in-law

According to the hypothesis of the Argentine authoritiesthe truck driver tried to enter via a local road and the singer tried to avoid him. “Despite this, I would have crashed into a pillar of wood from the truck loaded with firewood that is in the car. After that collision, the Suran car is said to have crossed the lanes and collided with a Fiat Uno that was driving in feeling on the contrary“, said the aforementioned medium.

Carina Soledad EnriquezFlores’ wife and his brother, Rubén Horacio Enríquez, were killed instantly artist and her daughter were rushed to Banda Health Center, where doctors later confirmed this the death of man.

The autopsy revealed that Huguito “a blunt injuryto cut of 20 centimeters by 7, which has a deep influence on the muscles of the neck and package neurovascular of the neck, as well as a fracture in the cervical spine and blunt trauma to the chest, with rib fracture At the right”.

Source: El heraldo