ATACMS for Ukraine. The White House has bad news

Washington will not transfer the ATACMS long-range missile system to Kiev for the time being.

The White House cannot currently confirm that the United States will deliver ATACMS long-range missiles to Ukraine. This was announced by press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre.

– President Joe Biden has said several times that an ATASMS transfer is likely in the future. However, I have no new information that would allow me to announce a breakthrough in this case, Jean-Pierre said.

The spokeswoman added that during President Biden’s meeting with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky, the former sent a strong signal to the world that the United States will continue to support Kiev. The new defense aid package confirms this.

– The bilateral agreement between both leaders – between President Zelensky and President Biden – was very important, Jean-Pierre said.

According to press reports, the purchase of ATACMS missiles will allow the Ukrainian armed forces to attack targets in Crimea.

ATACMS for Ukraine

During Ukrainian President Zelensky’s recent visit to the US, Joe Biden promised to deliver a small batch of ATACMS missiles. However, it is still unknown when the decision will be announced and when the missile transfer will begin. However, the Washington Post reports that it is very likely that they will be equipped with a cartridge head.

After Ukraine receives American ATACMS ballistic missiles, the Ukrainian army will be able to reach the invaders in all corners of the occupied territory. This was announced by British military analyst Sean Bell.

The authorities in Kiev have been asking Washington for months to supply ATACMS. The US has not agreed to this so far, explaining its decision for two reasons: the fear that Ukraine will use these missiles to strike deep into the Russian Federation and the security of its own reserves.

Source: Do Rzeczy