Fentanyl: the authorities’ double tracking mission

This is what he mentions Gustavo Alfredo Montaña Montoyawho recently took on the challenge of Section Director of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Atlántico after serving as head of the Cauca Section of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, an area with a complicated public order situation due to the presence of FARC dissidents .

The mission, according to Montaña, is twofold, as it primarily concerns operations to detect the illicit trade in products for use in hospitals, but also the detection of medicines manufactured based on their illegal use.

And in this sense he claims that today progress is being made in the continuous training of the experts of the CTI from all over the country, especially to the pharmacies of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Judicial Police of Sijín, “so that they know what the psychoactive substances are like, how they enter the country, what is the right equipment to carry out the psychoactive substances spectrometry tests that carried out by the servers and also how to safely handle these types of substances and so that we can be more effective in identifying these substances.”

He explains that pharmaceutical fentanyl produces an illegal fentanyl that ends up in synthetic drugs such as the well-known ones Tusi or cocaine pink because of the color, but now it is also sold in purple or cement-colored powder. And he adds that the illicit drug market is so broad that criminals involved in this sector today also use other drugs, such as tramadol and methadone, among others, to improve the chemical formulas used in a ‘ bag’ or dose of the medicine. medicine. hallucinogen.

“They also exist or are used to manufacture acids, to manufacture LSD what these types of opioids are or what people are currently getting high on,” he says.

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Last week saw the arrest of an alleged householder, identified as Ronald Manuel Mendoza Gutierrez40 years old, because among his belongings he has two bottles of fentanyl.

The man’s arrest was legalized and a prosecutor later charged him with drug trafficking; However, a judge with guarantee control functions released him, but linked him to the investigation, as this man had no criminal record. judicialamong other details.

These media learned that the man’s arrest procedure took place nearby Citadel July 20apparently selling synthetic drugs, an action that the quadrant’s uniformed officers walking through the sector are said to have noticed and requested a search.

The person involved in the process allegedly stated that the said medication was to be taken to a woman who was ‘drug dependent’. However, he had no orders or permission to wear it, so they detained him.

In this regard, Prosecutor Montaña’s arrest has opened the way for the Local authorities began to strengthen investigations into the illegal opioid trade.
“Given the discovery not only in Barranquilla but in several cities in the country, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has prioritized this type of investigation. From the Office of the Prosecutor (Francisco Barbosa), so that we can be more effective in the prosecution, to investigate whether there are organized crime groups engaged in the trafficking of fentanyl, a hospital used as a painkiller and also created to to manufacture tablets”, he defines.

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Likewise, the section prosecutor emphasizes that “work is already underway to identify these groups based on the last arrest we made, while we will continue to work to verify this citizen where he obtained this substance, which It is a controlled substance, which cannot be worn by anyone, let alone without the protocol. Where did he get it, how did it get into his hands, why did someone else give it to him, if his intention was to market it and profit from it, that is the work that the Public Prosecution Service is currently doing in Barranquilla and at the national level.”

Source: El heraldo