Ukraine, cold shower from the USA: “No to joining NATO”. Who places the veto

Ukraine’s membership in NATO would be contrary to the interests of the United States. The person who abandoned Kiev was Republican Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida who intends to be nominated in the 2024 presidential elections. Furthermore, according to DeSantis, Washington should not grant infinite funds to the government led by Volodymyr Zelensky. “I do not believe that Ukraine’s membership of NATO is in our interests. That would add more obligations for us, so if you add more obligations, what benefits will we get?”, words of DeSantis interviewed for a Bloomberg podcast.

The Republican politician added that the United States should not give Ukraine a “blank check” in terms of financing for the war with Russia. The podcast episode featuring DeSantis’ interview was released on September 23, two days after US President Joe Biden met with Ukrainian President Zelensky in the US. Biden secured a new aid package for Kiev, also including a range of military equipment, including long-range missiles. However, Zelensky’s reception in Washington has been rather lukewarm and parts of Congress, starting with the right wing of the Republicans, are increasingly skeptical about Washington’s support for Kiev’s cause.

Source: IL Tempo