Marktplaats says nothing about removing the popular feature

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translation site: pryv.itA free site that provides instant and accurate translations between Ukrainian, Dutch and English. Handy if you meet a Ukrainian refugee: a mobile browser is sufficient and you can contact them with a QR code. Developed by Siebrand Dijkstra, the Frisian maker of school software Magister and CEO of AppMachine. Dijkstra had been working with Ukrainian programmers for some time.

Video: android spring collection† Many new Android phones have resurfaced, Bram compares them and rewards the best with a spot in our Bright Stuff buyer’s guide.

Sherry: dirty linesA new Dutch original from Netflix is ​​about Marly, a discreet psychology student whose transition to the bedroom coincides with the rise of sex lines and house music in the Netherlands in the 1980s and the beginnings of RoXY.

Source: RTL