10 thousand euros from the government to install solar panels on the house, but only if you have an electric car (and live in a villa)

The German government will announce a 500 million euro financing plan in the next few hours that will benefit citizens who install solar panels on their roofs. Berlin’s stated goal is to increase the number of users who will be able to charge their electric cars directly at home, in a way that is both more economical and more sustainable. However, this initiative was not received very positively by consumer associations; Accordingly, there is a risk that this measure will benefit almost exclusively the wealthiest families.

“Only single-family property owners will be able to benefit from the new financing programme, i.e. those with a higher average income and those who have already benefited from other subsidies, such as the electric car purchase bonus,” said Gregor Kolbe. Federal Consumer Union. “The funding is anything but social,” he adds, reminding that 500 million euros come from the Climate Fund, created with the money of all taxpayers, including those who do not live in independent housing.

According to the government’s plan, the measure will finance the purchase and installation of an electric vehicle charging station along with a photovoltaic system and a solar energy storage system. The investment contribution can reach up to 10,200 euros. Self-employed residents who own an electric car or have ordered an electric car at the time of application are eligible for the contribution.

According to Transport Minister Volker Wissing, the interest of vehicle owners is quite high: “We already receive hundreds of requests every day in this regard. Therefore, we are absolutely right to introduce a package consisting of a photovoltaic system, accumulator and charging station,” he said. Wising. “The solar energy we produce in this way is optimally used to charge electric cars, making the maximum contribution to climate protection in the transport sector,” the minister concludes.

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Source: Today IT