Mother puts alleged 10-year-old bully on his knees and makes her son slap him: video

The video is open to several interpretations: A woman slaps a 10-year-old boy and accuses him of previously hitting her own son. And then, not at all pleased, he brings the alleged bully to his knees and encourages his son to do the same. The incident took place in front of a school in Boissy-Saint-Léger, France. The scene was filmed by a student and immediately spread on social media, eventually making its way to the victim’s parents. A complaint against the woman was inevitable and she risked being arrested and given a heavy sentence. Also due to racial aggravating circumstances, given that the young victim, whose name was not disclosed, was a young person of African descent. Local media reported this.

In the video, the mother is seen chasing her 10-year-old child, repeatedly slapping and insulting him. “You hit my son,” She screams before slapping him violently across the face. The little boy tried to answer, “No, he was the one who strangled me.” In the second moment, the most shocking scene: The woman forces the alleged bully to his knees, violently removes his glasses and orders her son to beat him. However, the son does not seem to have the same desire for revenge as his mother and limits himself to a light touch on his partner’s face. “Give him the favor,” the woman insists angrily. The child obeys, but again by tapping. The slap lands hard when his mother yells at him to hit her harder a second time.

The woman will now have to pay the penalty for violence against a child under the age of 15 and direct incitement of a minor to commit a crime or racial slur.

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Source: Today IT