Hungary backed down (once again) on Sweden’s accession to NATO: “We are in no rush”

Hungary continues to oppose Sweden’s membership in NATO. Prime Minister Viktor Orban called for “respect” from Stockholm and cited criticism over the erosion of the rule of law as the reason for Budapest’s delay in approving the country’s accession to the Atlantic Alliance.

Speaking in parliament, Orban said his government was in no rush to approve the membership request, arguing that there was no threat to Sweden’s security that would justify a preferential entry route. “I wonder if there is an urgent situation that forces us to approve Sweden’s candidacy for NATO. I do not see such a situation,” he told MPs. He added that Stockholm had no influence on Hungary that could put pressure on the government regarding the vote. He warned that there is not even the fact that the Hungarian Air Force uses Swedish Gripen fighter jets, which can be replaced without problems with other aircraft.

Turkey and Hungary are the only two members of the Alliance that have not yet approved Sweden’s request to join the North Atlantic club; The request stemmed from the Baltic nation’s concerns about its own security following last year’s invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s Russia. . Turkey withdrew its objections on the occasion of a NATO summit in July after Stockholm pledged to pursue a new plan to suppress Kurdish separatist groups, but the new frictions were also linked to anti-Quran demonstrations in the country, followed by the final plan. The green light slowed down. Hungary, on the other hand, announced that it would take Turkey as an example in the approval process.

Budapest has condemned the war in Ukraine, but Orban, in power since 2010, has always pushed back against European measures to attack Putin and refused to send weapons to Kiev. The Hungarian leader also told Parliament that Brussels’ plan to rid Europe of dependence on Russian energy was against the interests of the Union and Hungary. The country is heavily exposed to Moscow’s oil and gas resources, but Orban said he was taking steps to diversify supplies, citing recent talks with Qatar, Turkey and Azerbaijan about future gas shipments.

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Source: Today IT