Shoigu reported the losses of the Ukrainian army. He mentioned Poland

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that the losses of the Ukrainian armed forces included: Artillery systems from Poland.

According to Shoigu, the Ukrainian army fighting Russia has lost 17,000 people since the beginning of September. soldiers and 2,700 weapons and military equipment.

The Russian Defense Minister said during a meeting at the ministry that the destroyed equipment included seven US Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, 77 US M777 artillery systems, 51 self-propelled artillery units from Germany, France, Poland and the US, as well as two German Leopard tanks and one British tank, Challenger.

On September 5, Shoigu reported that the Ukrainian army had lost 66,000 men since the start of the counteroffensive (it started in June – editor). soldiers and 7,600 weapons and equipment. He argued that Ukrainian units, “trying to hide the failure of the offensive, are attacking civilian targets and presenting these attacks as military victories.”

In August, the New York Times reported that Ukraine and Russia’s losses since February 2022 totaled half a million soldiers, including 120,000. killed and 180 thousand injured on the Russian side and 70,000 killed and 120 thousand injured on the Ukrainian side.

Ukraine’s counteroffensive. Shoigu received Putin’s order

During the ongoing counter-offensive, the Ukrainian armed forces are planning the so-called land bridge through which Russia supplies its troops from Crimea in the south and east of Ukraine. To do this, Ukrainian units must break through Russian defenses and reach the Sea of ​​Azov.

Much depends on the outcome of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, as a failed and bloody attempt to take over the territory from Russian occupiers could weaken optimism among Kiev’s key Western allies and create pressure to deal with Moscow on its terms negotiate.

The Institute for War Studies (ISW) reported on Monday in its analysis, citing a confidential source close to the Kremlin, that Russian President Vladimir Putin would issue an order to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to stop the Ukrainian counter-offensive and that the Russian troops took the initiative at the front in early October.

According to ISW, the Russian military continues to form new offensive units aimed at breaking through the fortified Ukrainian defenses in the Donbas.

Source: Do Rzeczy