Macron announces that he will ban coal by 2027

Seven billion will be spent on ecological transition in 2024 alone. The promise comes from French President Emmanuel Macron, who explained in broad terms the difficulties of his second term in office, in which he guaranteed that he would focus on the problem of climate change in a meeting. The Elysée president’s rhetoric was rich and focused on the concept of “sovereign ecology”, but French pockets are tight; inflation is unforgiving to Hexagon residents, and the costs of utility bills are disproportionately hurting the middle class. In practice, it still needs to be understood exactly where the money will come from and exactly how it will be spent, but the path has begun. After the long struggle for pension reform (in the past) and the protests that devastated numerous towns following the murder of young Nahel, Macron’s new task is to persuade economic actors (companies, workers, families) to go in one direction. greenHe promised them that they would not be forced to make excessive sacrifices.

Protect ecology and economy

At the second meeting of the Elysée Ecological Planning Council, attended by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne with relevant ministers, Macron said, “We want an ecology that protects the French and nature.” said. The government’s ecological transition plan runs until 2027 and includes several dozen actions. The main goal is to say goodbye to electricity produced from coal. According to Macron, this would be the best way to approach the target agreed within the European Union to reduce CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030. The Elysée’s tenant described this as “achievable” on public television, underlining that at this point it was necessary to “go 2.5 times faster in the coming years.” “Within the framework of this mandate, France will completely withdraw from coal for the production of our electricity,” the president said.

What are the alternatives? Nuclear and hydrogen. Regarding the first energy source, Macron emphasized that “all scientists tell us that there can be no strategy without nuclear energy” and called on all skeptics to join this vision. Regarding the latter, he stated that “hydrogen should be greatly developed to facilitate the exit from fossil fuels” and that attention should be paid to the “natural deposits” of this resource. The French government recently signed a decree allocating 4 billion euros to the sector.

Railway and electric batteries

Another important point concerns the development and modernization of the RER railway and underground network. “This is an industrial project that will represent a total of 10 billion euros,” Macron said. Promising that he could sign the first contracts with the regions in the autumn, the president announced that 13 projects to be financed with 700 million euros from the state coffers have been selected since the beginning of the negotiations last year. . Again, in order to decarbonize transportation, it is aimed to produce one million electric cars by 2027. To achieve this, Macron promised to open “four large electric battery factories” from Dunkirk to Douai to “increase investments”. but above all, to reduce dependence on exporting countries such as China. To speed up the process, the Transalpine government may also decide to finance an increase in the ecological premium for the purchase of electric vehicles, linked to the fine for the purchase of the most polluting cars. Macron, who said he was an advocate of “accessible and fair ecology”, had envisioned the idea of ​​”social rental”. “We will announce the 100-euro rental system for electric vehicle models starting from November,” said Erdogan, adding that this will cover “several tens of thousands of models in 2024.”

Reduce glyphosate

Another pillar of the ecological transition is the preservation of biodiversity, which would not be possible without connection with the agricultural world, one of the main economic assets beyond the Alps. Macron invited farmers to cooperate to reduce by 30% the use of glyphosate, a herbicide that numerous studies consider dangerous to the environment and human health, despite the positive opinion of the European Food Safety Authority. The biodiversity plan also includes reforestation of one billion trees within ten years. Finally, there is the international leg. “A large part of the biodiversity” held by France is concentrated in French colonies under the auspices of Paris, and France aims to utilize this with its Overseas project.

Encourage heat pumps

Measures are also expected to be taken in the housing sector to make energy renovations more “efficient”, as proposed by the Minister of Ecological Transition Christophe Béchu. The change in strategy regarding the elimination of gas boilers, which Macron promised to ban, is noteworthy. “We decided to adopt an incentive policy,” said the tenant of the Elysée, who promised to invest in the development of the heat pump sector, triple their production and train 30 thousand plumbers.

Source: Today IT