Kiev makes Moscow tremble: “We have a secret drone”. The last move

One of the elements that consistently characterize the war in Ukraine is, without a doubt, the use of drones. Remotely piloted aircraft are essential for both Moscow and Kiev. The latest statement by the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Mikhail Fedorov, fully fits into this dynamic, in which the military level is as important as the psychological and informational one. Ukrainian armed forces attacked a temporary Russian headquarters in the Kherson region, thanks to a tip from the Kiev Security Service (SBU). “The Himars missile arrived at the daily meeting of Russian officers of the 24th motorized rifle regiment of the 70th motorized rifle division,” a source told Ukrainska Pravda. “The meeting ended early: 8 police officers died”, he adds.

In one night, the Ukrainian army destroyed more than $7 million worth of Russian equipment using a secret drone. This was stated in a Telegram message from Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister of Innovation, Education, Science and Technology of Ukraine and Minister of Digital Transformation, as UNIAN reports. “Army drone operators have created hell for the occupiers,” he wrote, noting that more will be known about the drone itself after Ukraine wins the war. “May it continue to be a pleasant surprise for enemies,” Fedorov added.

Source: IL Tempo