He snorts cocaine during orgy, then heads to the airport to take off: airline pilot fired

He had attended an orgy where he was also high on cocaine and then headed to the airport to catch a plane for a 12-hour flight. However, the pilot was discovered and fired, and the flight was canceled after the man bragged about what he had done to a stewardess, who was shocked by what had happened and reported everything to the company.

The man who got into trouble was Englishman Mike Beaton, who boasted about a drug and alcohol-fuelled orgy with a fellow stewardess and admitted: “I was a very bad boy”. The British Airways co-pilot was about to fly from South Africa to London when his worried colleague raised the alarm. Shocked bosses canceled the 12-hour flight, costing the airline an estimated £100,000, the Sun reports. The married father of one was suspended and flew home as a passenger the next day before being tested for drugs at Heathrow. When the test came back positive, the pilot was fired.

Beaton was taking his mandatory rest period in Johannesburg before having to act as co-pilot on the flight back to London. Her night’s sleep resulted in a rather extreme party, which she later described in great detail in several messages to her close friend, a stewardess friend. The pilot boasted that he and some friends “walked (surprised) over to the hotel bar ‘one last time before bed'”, then “after having a few drinks at the bar, they headed back to the flat for a bit”, according to one of the friends. There they partied until late into the night. continued, and the pilot recounted a few striking details about what happened, concluding: “This is the story of how I ended up snorting cocaine from a girl’s breasts in Joburg.”

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