What is Scholz afraid of from Russia? The American press announced this

According to the American press, Germany is delaying the delivery of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine out of fear of Russia. The arms transfer is blocked by Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the German government has approved the delivery of these missiles in principle, but Chancellor Olaf Scholz is halting the process due to concerns that German military personnel will have to go to Ukraine to help maintain and operate these advanced weapons.

According to the publication’s sources, Scholz believes that the presence of German military specialists in the war zone could draw Germany even deeper into the conflict, likely leading to a direct confrontation with Russia.

The German Chancellor’s spokesman said there is no immediate plan to transfer Taurus missiles to Ukraine. According to WSJ sources, the deliveries could still be approved if the United States sends similar weapons to Ukraine.

The government in Kiev asked Berlin in May to supply Taurus long-range missiles that could hit the Russian capital Moscow.

Ukraine asks Germany for Taurus missiles. warns Scholz

The range of the Taurus cruise missile is 500 km (Moscow is 450 km from the border with Ukraine). German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has repeatedly warned Ukrainian forces not to use weapons supplied by Berlin to shell Russian territory.

The magazine Der Spiegel reported in August about secret talks with defense industry representatives on the possibility of technical adjustments to Taurus missiles to prevent Kiev from attacking Russian territory other than occupied Crimea.

Earlier, the Bundestag called on the German government to transfer these missiles to Ukraine. Roderich Kiesewetter, a lawmaker from the opposition Christian Democratic Union (CDU), explained that these missiles would allow the Ukrainians to “strike the Russian military infrastructure far behind the front line.”

Taurus is considered a counterpart to Britain’s Storm Shadow missiles already delivered to Ukraine, which allowed its forces to attack Russian troops far behind the front lines. The Ukrainian forces used them during the attack on Luhansk, which was previously beyond the attack range of the Ukrainian side.

From the very beginning of the invasion, Moscow has taken the position that Western military aid does not bode well for Ukraine and only prolongs the conflict, and that the deliveries of these weapons are a “legitimate target for the Russian military.”

Source: Do Rzeczy