Prosecutor: Murderer Peter R. de Vries confirmed the act to his client –

After his act, the murderer of Peter R. de Vries sent a message to the suspected client in which he said that he had shot the crime reporter. According to the Public Prosecution Service, this is apparent from the decrypted data from the telephone that was found in the getaway car of the two suspects. During the third pro forma hearing of the case, the prosecutor said the calm and composure in their speech on life and death paints a grim picture.

The public prosecutor suspects Delano G. (22 years) from Tiel and Kamil E. (35 years) from Poland of the murder of the forensic reporter. G. could have been a hit man. According to the OM, E. is guilty of committing the murder together: he would have driven the getaway car and made at least two preliminary discoveries. They were arrested on the A4 shortly after the murder on 6 July.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, an investigation shows that the telephone in the car was used by the two suspects. The messages were accompanied by Polish and Dutch.

“You must have this dog”

Prior to the murder, the two texted an unknown person with instructions on how to locate and kill De Vries, according to the Public Prosecution Service. “You must have this dog” was one such message, along with a photo of De Vries.

The client suggested to shoot the court reporter together, but Delano G. later stated that he wanted to do it “alone” according to the OM. “I’ll finish this.”

Kamil E. assured his client that he “showed everything” to G. According to the prosecutor, pictures on the phone show that they train with automatic weapons.

Shortly after the murder, G. sent the stranger a message that, according to the Public Prosecution Service, was “absolutely unscrupulous”. “Brother, that bullet went through his head. Twice. They all fired. Nice.”

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Source: NOS