Vladimir Putin’s lies about Wagner and the military. What is happening in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin’s lies about Wagner and the military.  What is happening in Ukraine

We know that in war everything is permitted. Even the lies. And the Kremlin headquarters certainly does not miss this. As reported in Il Giornale on September 30, the double game was recently exposed, bringing Moscow’s double game to light. “Most of what comes out of the Kremlin can be classified as lies without much analysis – explains Matteo Basile in Il Giornale – Rear Admiral Vladimir Tsimlyansky, number two in the organization and mobilization department of the Russian General Staff, states with pride and confidence: «The State Major has no plans for further mobilizations.» A few hours later, however, Russian President Vladimir Putin, his boss, signs the decree on the recruitment of Russian citizens in the autumn, which will bring together 130 thousand people aged between 18 and 27. in arms from October 1 to December 31, 2023. Exactly the opposite.”

But the biggest mystery concerns the fate of Wagner’s soldiers. According to Il Giornale, the new Wagner is back in Ukraine. Here’s who will lead. “Here comes Andrei Troshev again, known as «Sedoi» (gray hair) – continues the article in Il Giornale – He is the former commander of the Wagner group, was the right-hand man of the late patron of the Wagner group Evgheni Prigozhin, Troshev was welcomed in the Kremlin by Putin himself who instructed him to train a corps of volunteers to be sent to fight in Ukraine. In essence, a new Wagner, with the freedom to enlist anyone, even fishing among Russian prisoners, but this time with a faithful, enslaved leader.”

Source: IL Tempo