War, red alert in NATO: Russian drone in Romania, alert goes off

There is alarm again in Romania. Another Russian drone may have ended up on the NATO country’s territory as the conflict in Ukraine continues following the Russian invasion that began on February 24 last year. During the night, the alert was raised for the inhabitants of the cities of Galati and Tuclea: radars reported a potential violation of Romanian airspace, perhaps a drone, or a missile, approaching Ukraine towards Galati. The Bucharest Ministry of Defense announced that so far no objects compatible with fragments of either drone have been found on the territory of Romania, but searches continue near the border with Ukraine. It is not the first time that Romania has reported similar incidents. In recent weeks, debris attributed to two Russian drones was found near the town of Plauru – along the Danube, opposite the Ukrainian port of Izmail. Another case was reported near the town of Nufaru. Tension is increasing between the Atlantic Alliance and Moscow: an accident, even unintentional, could trigger the worst, with a direct war.

Source: IL Tempo