‘Mom, I’m dying, I love you’: nightclub fire victim’s voice

The last words spoken by a girl during a fire that broke out in three nightclubs in Murcia, Spain, were “Mom, I love you, I’m dying, Mom, I love you.” A voice will be sent to his mother at 6 a.m. before she dies. The father of the 28-year-old victim, who had gone to the city to dance with a few friends from the state’s Caravaca de la Cruz center, spread the message on social media.

“They came here because there was no disco in Caravaca; they came at dawn. They were coming for the second time,” said their father, Jairo. “He sent a voice to his mother telling her what was going on and that he was leaving. “You could hear them screaming, they couldn’t breathe.”

Screams and cries of fear are also heard in the recording; Some people want to turn on the lights so they can see the exit. In fact, many survivors said the power was cut off immediately after the fire broke out. 13 people died in the fire, 4 people were injured, and 15 people were missing.

Massacre in Spain: Three nightclubs burned, the death toll increased to 13

According to the first information obtained, the fire broke out first in the Fonda Milagros building due to a short circuit, then spread to the adjacent Sala Teatre, and from there to the venue called Golden, a place frequented by the Latin community.

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Source: Today IT