Poland has handed over a batch of repaired Leopard tanks to Ukraine

Ukraine received a batch of Leopard 2 tanks repaired at the Bumar-Łabędy factory of the Polish Armaments Group.

“While others are making statements about the future, we are acting in consultation with the Ukrainian side. The first Leopard tanks expressly renovated in Bumar-Łabędy have been received by the Ukrainian side. Work is underway on the following tanks,” said PGZ. the X website (formerly Twitter) on Monday.

For more than a year, Polish specialists have been operating through the special vehicle PGZ Sevice Orel within the framework of the relations developed with the Ukrainian side, maintaining heavy equipment, close to the front line. “This clearly proves that our priority is to provide real assistance to the fight against Ukrainian soldiers.” – emphasizes PGZ.

“Ukrainian soldiers they fight with Poland Pioruns, Grots, Crabs, Rosomaks, which were produced by PGZ factories. We are continuously expanding cooperation in the field of ammunition supply, spare parts and equipment service. We support Ukraine on an ongoing basis, with priorities being set within the operational teams,” we read.

PGZ recalls that since February 2022, a number of bilateral agreements have been signed in various areas with the largest entities in the Ukrainian defense sector, in response to the current needs of our neighboring countries. “This formula of cooperation in a situation of prolonged war gives the best and fastest effect,” it was emphasized.

Source: Do Rzeczy