Russia, 007 offensive on the US Congress. The NY Times reveals Putin’s plan

Vladimir Putin intends to win the war in Ukraine by ending US and European support for Kiev. To this end, Moscow uses its intelligence agencies to spread propaganda in favor of pro-Russian parties and fuel conspiracy theories with the use of new technologies. This is what US Administration officials cited by the New York Times say, reporting that Russian disinformation aims to support political candidates who oppose aid to Ukraine, with the ultimate aim of ending the international community’s support for Kiev. According to administration officials, who preferred to remain anonymous, Putin believes he can influence US policy to weaken congressional support for Ukraine. The Russian president apparently follows with great interest the political debate in the United States, where a fringe of the Republican Party, especially in the House of Representatives, opposes sending more aid to Kiev.

In short, 007 and propaganda to intervene in American politics. Meanwhile, in Russia, the “foreign agent” strategy to manipulate public opinion and create consensus around the war in Ukraine appears to be producing results. The British Ministry of Defense writes this in the usual intelligence service update published on “foreign agent” as a tool to manipulate public opinion towards an anti-Western, pro-war narrative in Ukraine.

According to Vtsiom, 61% of people involved in the survey “consider foreign agents to be traitors who spread lies about Russia.” After the invasion of Ukraine, recall the British 007, “Russia expanded its legislation on foreign agents”. These measures, the report continues, “significantly restrict the information space within Russia, making it increasingly difficult to articulate any point of view, including dissent on the war, that deviates from the official line.” As argued by numerous analysts since the early hours of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the conflict is also an information and propaganda war. Putin, on the one hand, wants to keep the population under control. On the other hand, despite the economic difficulties and the unexpected duration of the conflict, on the other hand, it tries to create fissures in Western support for Volodymyr Zelenksy.

Source: IL Tempo