Ukraine, Nathalie Tocci: the real risk of the nuclear threat, new scenarios

We’re back to talking about atomic war: Russia, according to the New York Times, is working on testing the Burevestnik nuclear missile. Commenting on the situation and possible scenarios during L’ari ache tira su La7 is Nathalie Tocci, director of the Institute of International Affairs in Rome. Should we really be worried about a nuclear breakthrough in the conflict in Ukraine? “When nuclear energy is mentioned, the bell should immediately start ringing loud and clear, having said that, if the question is: is there really a risk that the war in Ukraine will lead to a nuclear dimension, not in words, but in acts?”, explains the political scientist. “I have always stated and continue to argue that this is not the biggest risk”, warns Tocci.

In short, “the real risk of nuclear energy linked to the Russian invasion of Ukraine is not so much ‘the use of atomic weapons’ in this war, but the fact that the threat of nuclear energy will lead to a political reaction on the part of those who, instead Furthermore, they support Ukraine.” What is the analyst referring to? The side effect of the nuclear threat is that the pro-Kiev front could crumble. But there is another, very worrying: “In fact, it becomes a huge green light for any other country that thinks or hopes that it can resolve a conflict simply with nuclear weapons”, comments Tocci, who concludes: “The real threat is to the regime of non-proliferation and not so much the use of nuclear energy in this war”.

Source: IL Tempo