Slovakia suspends military aid to Ukraine. The president issued a statement

Slovakia has suspended military deliveries to Ukraine. The decision on this was made by the country’s president, Zuzana Caputova.

The results of the last parliamentary elections in Slovakia have already begun to influence support for Ukraine. Slovak President Zuzana Caputova, an active supporter of Kiev, has banned the government from sending another shipment of weapons to Ukraine, the AP agency reported.

The president’s office said in a statement that the transitional government, which functioned from June until parliamentary elections, did not have the authority to transfer weapons to Ukraine because the party negotiating the formation of the new government opposes it.

Caputova did not change her view on the need for further military support to Kiev, but “the approval of the military aid package by the outgoing government would set a dangerous precedent for a change of power after future elections,” the statement said.

Elections in Slovakia. Fico promised to stop aid to Ukraine

Last week’s parliamentary elections were won by the party of former Prime Minister Robert Fico, who promised, among other things, to suspend military aid to Ukraine. During the election campaign, Fico opposed arms shipments to Ukraine, declared the ineffectiveness of Western sanctions against Russia and threatened to block Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

In accordance with constitutional practice, the Slovak president on Monday entrusted the mission to form a government to the election winner. Fico has fourteen days to do this. The politician confirmed that he will run for the position of Prime Minister, and his preferred coalition arrangement is cooperation with the Hlas (Voice) party and SNS nationalists, which will give a majority of 79 votes in the 150-member National Council.

Slovakia is one of Ukraine’s most active allies. It was the first NATO country to supply Kiev with fighter aircraft (MiG-29). The transitional government in Bratislava wanted to send ammunition to Ukraine and train Ukrainian sappers.

Stalemate in the US Congress

Ukraine, defending itself against Russia, still needs military supplies from its allies, but their continuation has been questioned in recent days not only in Slovakia, but also in the United States, which has already supplied Kiev with weapons and ammunition worth almost $50 billion. Due to disagreements in the US House of Representatives, the additional $6 billion requested by the White House for aid to Ukraine was not approved.

US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday he was “concerned” about the situation in Congress. He added that “other ways” could be found to finance military supplies. However, he did not provide details.

Source: Do Rzeczy