Prigozhin, for Putin the case is closed: “What happened” on Wagner’s plane

Vladimir Putin “closes” the case of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s death. During an event in Sochi, speaking at the Valdai club, the Russian president said that “fragments of hand grenades” were found in the bodies of the victims of the plane crash in which the Wagner founder died. And the Guardian reports that Putin cites information received from the head of the crash investigation, Alexander Bastrykin, suggesting that there was an explosion inside the plane. “There was no external impact on the plane, that is a fact that is now established,” he said.

The hypothesis of a missile is therefore excluded. To this day, Russian authorities have not commented on the causes of the accident in which Prigozhin and his deputy disappeared on August 23, exactly two months after Wagner’s failed uprising. Many observers accuse Putin of having planned the incident to punish his former right-hand man. During his speech, the Russian president regretted that alcohol and drug tests were not carried out during the autopsy, thus alluding to the possibility that the people on the plane were under the influence of substances. In this regard, Putin recalled that during a search, five kilograms of cocaine were found in Prigozhin’s villa.

Source: IL Tempo