Omnibus, Dario Fabbri reveals the real US plan in Ukraine. What changes

Many European leaders are debating whether or not to continue sending weapons to Kiev to fight the Russian giant. In some circles, however, there is a clear perception that the United States is escaping the unrelenting commitment it has had up until now. And what effects will all this have on the continuation of the conflict? The subject was discussed during the Omnibus episode broadcast on October 6th on La7. In the studio was Domino director Dario Fabbri.

“There is an elephant in the room which is the United States – explains Dario Fabbri, director of Domino – On the European continent, the growing fatigue in the United States is taken for granted. is no longer involved in the war as it has been until now and may be even less so in the coming months. Even some conversations with North American authorities authorize this type of interpretation of events. Today, in fact, a good part of the North American apparatus, both in the Pentagon and in the State Department, are no longer convinced that the war should continue indefinitely because they see that having pushed Russia into the clutches of China is not convenient either. to Washington. A kind of shapeless mass was created between Moscow and Beijing, and all this is reflected in the position of European leaders.

Source: IL Tempo