Israel, rockets against Ashkelon. The Tg1 correspondent: “Ten seconds and I would have died”

Rocket rain in Israel. “Ten seconds and I would have died” is the dramatic story of Tg1 correspondent Matteo Alviti in Ashkelon. This afternoon the journalist, together with operator Maurizio Calaiò and producer Sahera Dirbas, risked their lives during a heavy Qassam rocket attack by Hamas. After getting out of the car, several rockets hit the area of ​​the Regina hotel where Alviti and his crew are staying. A series of rockets, which landed a short distance from Alviti’s car, devastated the vehicle and destroyed another car. The dramatic story of what happened, with exclusive footage, tonight on Tg1 at 8pm. The Hotel Regina was hit by one of the rockets launched by the military wing of Hamas against the city located in the south of Israel, while the forces of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced that tanks had bombed two positions of Hezbollah – the nearby Lebanese paramilitary group of Hamas – on the border with Lebanon, in response to missile attacks on northern Israel launched in the afternoon. “The IDF is prepared for all scenarios and will continue to protect the residents of the State of Israel,” the military said in a statement.

The war continues – The rocket launch on Ashkelon coincides with the end of the ultimatum announced by the al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, which had asked the inhabitants to leave the city before 5 pm (4 pm in Italy). The number at the moment is at least two dead and several seriously injured. In addition to the Hotel Regina, reported the website Haaretz, rockets were launched towards Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport. Even in the north there is fighting. Israeli security forces say they are responding with artillery to a rocket attack from Lebanon.

Source: IL Tempo