Middle East and Ukraine, Jens Stoltenberg anticipates NATO strategy

Middle East and Ukraine, NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg previews the Atlantic Alliance’s strategy in the two hot areas of the globe. “The meeting demonstrated that NATO allies are ready to support Ukraine” and “I am confident that they will continue to do so because it is in their interests”, while at the same time they have “the ability to face several challenges at the same time, including the Middle East. Many NATO allies provided support and intelligence to Israel.” This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the press conference at the end of the meeting of the NATO Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine.

Specifically, the NATO secretary general talks about the conflict in the Middle East and the need for Israel to defend itself. «Israel has the right to defend itself – explains Stoltenberg – It suffered horrible terrorist attacks over the weekend, with the death of many civilians, and Israel has the right to defend itself from this type of attack. Of course, I also hope that when we see Israeli responses, they are proportionate and it is important that, while this conflict continues, everything possible is done to prevent the loss of innocent civilian lives. I think it is also an important message “to send” that no nation or organization hostile to Israel seeks to exploit the situation we see now. And we also see that, for example, the United States has increased its military presence in the region as well to send a clear message of deterrence to prevent the escalation of this conflict,” he added.

Source: IL Tempo