“They’ll know we loved each other until the end”: Photo of kiss during rave party massacre

They heard multiple gunshots overhead and saw people falling to the ground before their eyes. This is the story of two survivors of the October 7 wild party that left 260 people dead at the hands of the Hamas militia. After escaping, they hid in the bushes, and then, despite their moments of fear, they thought of taking a selfie while kissing, and taking one last photo to let everyone know that they loved each other until the end, in case they died. .

They Amit Bar and his boyfriend Nir, after the shock, decided to post the photo of them kissing the girl on Instagram along with a long and touching letter. “My love, it is still impossible for me to summarize what we experienced there without Ziv (one of their friends is still missing). ed) and nothing will be over until he returns home. But miraculously we are here.” “We ran like sheep to the slaughter,” he continues, “we ran into the fields and you took me by the hand.” “When I told you I had no strength left, you told me this: You told me we had no choice and we had to keep running.” “Suddenly taking a selfie You said you wanted it and I got angry because at that moment I didn’t understand what it had to do with it. Later I realized that if we had died, our family would at least have remembered that we loved each other until the last moment. You protected me with your body, and I think – the girl concludes – that among all other couples, ours ends differently. Dramas that have not been immortalized”.

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Source: Today IT