Israel, Netanyahu shows horror photos to Blinken: “Hamas likes ISIS”

Mission of American Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Israel and the Arab world. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed the US representative some photos of the atrocities committed by Hamas. Some of these images were visible on the “Prime Minister of Israel” account on the Hamas is ISIS social network.” The release of the atrocious images comes after the Jerusalem Post wrote that it could “confirm, based on verified photos of the bodies, that reports of children burned and decapitated in the Hamas attack on Kfar Aza are correct.” “The photos I saw of massacred children and babies, of decapitated soldiers, of boys burned alive are beyond imagination. Almost incomprehensible”, says the US Secretary of State at a press conference in Tel Aviv. “They brought back memories of ISIS violence,” he added.

Blinken says he saw up close the “genuinely inspiring” solidarity of the Israeli people following the Hamas attack. “We find a nation united in grief, but also a nation united. The United States shares this decision. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Israel.” For Blinken, the United States is “doing everything possible” to guarantee the release of hostages taken by Hamas. “Hamas is using civilians in Gaza as human shields and is intentionally putting them in danger to protect itself.” Regarding the possibility of a humanitarian corridor to evacuate civilians from Gaza, Blinken says: “This is a discussion that we will continue in the coming days.”

The US Secretary of State is in Israel for talks with senior officials, a day after the announcement of the formation of an emergency unity government (in which Lapid will not participate): 1,300 casualties in Israel. However, the United States has announced that there are currently no plans to send troops to Israel for hostage rescue operations, NBC reported, citing a White House National Security Council official. After consulting with Blinken’s emergency government, he will fly to Doha tomorrow. Qatar, where some of Hamas’ leaders are hiding, is at the center of mediation attempts to free the hostages. The hypothesis that circulated on the ground in the last few hours concerned the exchange of women and children held hostage in Gaza with 36 Palestinian women locked up in Israeli prisons.

Source: IL Tempo