Egypt, Israel and the US agreed to evacuate foreigners from the Gaza Strip

Egypt, Israel and the US agreed to allow foreigners staying in the Gaza Strip to leave through the Rafah crossing.

Areas along the foreigners’ route will not come under Israeli fire. The arrangements were accepted by Hamas. Qatari authorities were also involved in the negotiations, the Associated Press reported.

The Rafah crossing, the only border crossing connecting the Gaza Strip with Egypt, was closed after the outbreak of the war that began with Hamas’s attack on Israel.

On Friday, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) called on the civilian population of the Gaza Strip to evacuate to the southern part of the strip within 24 hours.

According to media reports, Israel is preparing for a land invasion of the Gaza Strip.

UN: Israeli actions are illegal

The United Nations (UN) categorically states that Israel’s actions are “incompatible with the laws of war and the fundamental principles of humanity.” The UN Secretary General stressed that carrying out an evacuation was “impossible” without leading to “devastating humanitarian consequences”. The point is that more than a million people would be evacuated. More than two million people live in the entire zone, which has a much smaller area than Warsaw.

Saturday is the eighth day of the war between Israel and Hamas. The Israeli army carried out an airstrike on Gaza’s main highway in the past 24 hours, killing dozens of people and wounding more than 200. According to the latest information, at least 2,200 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip, including more than 600 children. Tel Aviv says 1,300 Israelis have lost their lives, most of them civilians killed by Hamas terrorists last Saturday, on the first day of the escalation.

Netanyahu gave a speech

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech on Saturday. The politician announced the continuation of the war and the destruction of Hamas.

– We assure you that the war will continue. More and more weapons and ammunition are coming to Israel. We will destroy Hamas and win, Netanyahu declared in a televised speech shortly after the start of Shabbat. – We will never forgive or forget the atrocities committed by our enemies – he said.

Source: Do Rzeczy