Evacuation from Israel. Germany is following in Poland’s footsteps

Germany sends military planes to evacuate its citizens from Israel. The Polish army completed the evacuation of our compatriots from Israel yesterday.

Two military planes carrying passengers from Israel landed in Germany on Sunday. An A400M freighter with 51 passengers on board landed in Wunstorf, in the northwestern state of Lower Saxony. Later, another plane arrived with 29 passengers on board. The third plane is expected later today.

Both planes that left Germany on Saturday delivered humanitarian aid to Israel. Lufthansa previously brought German nationals out of Israel this week, but yesterday the German airline announced it was suspending these flights for safety reasons.

The Foreign Ministry in Berlin said it had already provided support to about 2,800 Germans who had fled Israel by land, air and sea.

Evacuation of Poles from Israel. The Polish army completed the operation

The General Command of the Armed Forces announced on Saturday that Operation Neon has ended, with the Polish army evacuating 1,504 Polish citizens and people from other countries from Israel.

As a result of the Hamas attack on Israel, which took place on October 7, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has introduced the fourth, highest alert level for travelers throughout Israel and travel to this country is discouraged.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises Polish citizens not to leave their safe haven until the situation is clarified. “We appeal to our compatriots residing in Israel to contact the facility if they have not already done so. You can use the facility’s email address or emergency number,” the statement emphasizes.

According to press reports, the Israeli Army (IDF) is preparing for a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. The operation will only start when civilians leave the area.

Source: Do Rzeczy