Israel, new humanitarian corridor in Gaza. Tajani and Crosetto’s interventions

Israel announced a new humanitarian corridor from 10am to 1pm today to allow the civilian population living in Gaza to leave their homes, ahead of a new attack by armed forces with the Star of David. IDF spokesperson Avichay Adraee announced this in an Arabic post on Xil. “Residents of Gaza and the Gaza Strip, we have been appealing to you in recent days to leave Gaza City and the northern Strip and head to the area south of the Gaza Valley for your safety,” Andraee wrote.

Meanwhile, Italy consistently reiterates its support for the victims of this brutal war. “We have been working for days to return the hostages. I was in Egypt, I was in Jordan, we are in constant contact with many Arab countries, the prime minister himself. in the hands of Hamas, they are in the hands of multiple organizations that support Hamas.” Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani declared this to the press during his visit to Bolzano. Soon Guido Crosetto also posted a comment on social media: “It is vital that the Rafah crossing be opened to allow Palestinians to leave Gaza. Egypt demonstrates its leadership in the Arab world and Israel that the war is only against Hamas”, said the Defense. Minister wrote in X.

Source: IL Tempo