Leaders of the region congratulate Daniel Noboa, the new president of Ecuador

Noboa won the election with more than 5 million votes 52.2% of the votes he will not only be the new president of his country – a position he will hold until May 2025 – but also the head of state youngest in the South American country.

One of the First leaders to speak out after the victory of Noboa, who defeated Correism in the elections, was his predecessor, Guillermo Lasso. “My congratulations for my efforts to serve Ecuadorians from the highest position a citizen can aspire to. Today our country has given you the opportunity to trust to direct it, a very high honor that I would like you to have elderly of the successesLasso noted in a message circulated on social networks.

“It is a pleasure to welcome you on Tuesday to the Carondelet Palace“, the headquarters of the government in Quito, because “from now on we must start the transition process so that you can learn more about the economic situation in Ecuador, social and security” added the current ruler.

‘Our democracy is getting stronger’ with Noboa’s triumph, Lasso concluded.

Source: El heraldo