Giuseppe Conte: “Meloni is the right person to negotiate peace between Israel and Palestine”

The head of the 5 Star Movement calls on the Democratic Party to abandon its “strategy of escalation” in foreign policy, reiterates its support for Israel without a few “buts” and finally reintroduces Giorgia Meloni as a reliable political figure who can represent Italy . A peace table will be established between Israel and Palestine. He does this directly in a lengthy interview with

Listen to President Andrea Orlando of the Democratic Party in Rimini, you said this and I quote verbatim: “The Conte government was born with the M5s voting for Von der Leyen. The Europeanization of the M5s was the condition for us to come to this situation.” We have reached a political government and we must start from there. The coalition should be the coalition of the PNRR”. Is Orlando right? Could an alliance with the Democratic Party emerge from here?

“I believe that this assessment is unfair because in the 2018 election campaign, the 5 Star Movement, although there were elements within it that criticized the euro system, took a pro-European turn and said with great courage “There is no euro”. Based on this, I can say that the real pro-European turning point has occurred. Von der The establishment of the Leyen Commission was an important step. The 5 Star Movement, where I was Prime Minister, began to have an impact on European policies.”

So can we consider a Pd-M5 alliance for the sake of PNRR’s maximum goal? And from an anti-government perspective because Orlando claims Meloni is going in the opposite direction.

“Pnrr is not a government program, it is a program covering the whole of Italy, which we started to outline and which Draghi completed. It was presented in Europe thanks to the ability to use all our resources, including political resources, and make a decision. A pan-European view angle. The government is wasting this 209 billion.”

So is Orlando right? Will the alliance of Pd-M5s restart from Pnrr?
“In Pnrr, we must fight not only with the Democratic Party, but with all of Italy and all citizens who care about the future of our country.”

Minimum wage. You accused the government of being melancholy about CNEL’s complicity. So what do we do?

“We are now back to discussing the issue in Parliament. I am sorry that they have already said that they want to send us back from the Parliament to the commission to get more time, and I am also sorry about that. In the current situation, they will not want to take into account the signatures of the Italians. They are heavy signatures.”

So, a fight in the courtroom?

“We will definitely not give any respite to the government, which has to take responsibility.”

You mentioned the signatures on the petition. How many signatures did you collect today?

“We have collected papers all over Italy, I cannot give a number, but the electronic ones have reached several hundred thousand.”

At the Il Foglio party you spoke clearly about the war between Israel and Palestine: Israel was attacked and has the right to defend itself, but you also said that if Israel violates international law you will be there to criticize them. . In this case, would your slogan be “Neither with Israel, nor with Hamas”?

“Some commentators would like to have you believe that we can recognize Israel like everyone else, that we can suspend international and humanitarian law and recognize the possibility of violating that law. But then we cannot ask others to respect that. That’s why Hamas committed a brutal and brutal act “We carry out attacks that will harm civilians, children and defenseless people, but we cannot respond with a reaction that will hit the Palestinian civilian population with bombings and raids.”

So Israel is the victim of an attack by a terrorist organization, but everything is not worth it.

“International humanitarian law can never be suspended. We must ask Israel and follow this story, always trying to put this conflict in perspective, and peace and security can only come from dialogue.”

Therefore, at some point, there will need to be a diplomatic path and a peace agreement table.

“Absolutely yes, and let me say this on this subject: The European Union must seize this opportunity to be the leading player. It has not been able to seize this opportunity due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. We cannot afford for the EU not to reach this quarter in the Middle East either”.

Who do you see as the person who can do business between Israel and Palestine?

“But look, we can hope that the representative of the Italian government, the prime minister of the moment, will be at the forefront of this capacity for dialogue and discussion.”

Are you saying Prime Minister Meloni is the right person to negotiate peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

“Absolutely yes, although he has shown that he is not able to act with the necessary clarity and reliability, because in Europe you cannot think of fondling your Polish and Hungarian friends and then making fun of your French and German friends. At the same time, you cannot go to Tunisia with this incompetence and President Saïed, who must protect the dignity of his people” We can’t let him close the door on you.”

Can you explain to us what helmet it is that Elly Schlein needs to remove?

“I was talking about the fact that the Democratic Party chose a line later continued by Meloni during the Russia-Ukraine conflict: strictly supporting the military strategy and thinking that the solution can only be left to conflict and military escalation. This is not happening, it is the wrong political strategy. The right thing is to encourage debate and political “It must reward dialogue. We have always said this and have never been followed, so my invitation to Elly Schlein, who is trying to change some points, the direction that the Democratic Party has had in the past, could create a turning point on this front.”

Recently, the European Commission prepared a document stating that growth in Italy has slowed compared to last year and that there is a risk of a long-term recession for the entire legislature. Minimum wage is good, but we need to revitalize the economy here. For example, shouldn’t reducing taxes also be a priority?

“The government is in no position to cut taxes. This will be the tenth government that announced on TV that it would cut taxes but did not implement it. Look at the maneuver it is about to make and the last budget maneuver, you will understand this. This government has consciously given up on putting measures that will support growth on the table.”

So what did you do to stimulate the economy?

“We put on the table the Superbonus and transition 4.0, which creates 100 billion more in the two-year period 2021-2022. This year we have 25 billion.”

Have you spoken to Meghnagi, the head of the Jewish community, on the phone?

“Not yet”.

Will he hear?

“I am absolutely open to discussion and dialogue. This is okay for us. While we say we will develop the discussion and get results through dialogue, God forbid, there will be no dialogue between two people at this level.”

So there is no resentment?

“But I’m not offended. There was a serious insult there because labeling me and the 5 Star Movement as ‘anti-Semitic’ is so false and ugly that for the first time I had to declare that I would sue him.”

You were the Prime Minister during the dark period of Covid. Are there any choices you would make differently if you went back?

“I was very curious about this, but all the decisions we took were made with great care, by listening to all the relevant parties in the field, by listening to all the institutional authorities at various levels. In short, we took it with all our self-will. I do not want to criticize, I do not want to review a measurement from that period”.

Are you very social, do you have a favorite TikToker or influencer?

“But no, I don’t have time to keep track of others. But that’s not vanity, I just don’t really have time because my commitments are urgent.”

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