Video of the girl taken hostage by Hamas: Mia Schem: “Take me away from here”

“I’m Mia Schem, I’m twenty-one years old, originally from Shoham. I’m currently in Gaza.” Hamas released the first video of an Israeli hostage in Gaza. In the images, the young woman’s hair is open, she is seen first in bed and then sitting. She says she was kidnapped while returning from a party in Sderot, a town not far from the strip.

“I seriously injured my hand. They took me to a hospital in Gaza. They took care of me, provided me with medicine. I just want them to take me home, to my family, to my parents, to my siblings as soon as possible. Please get me out of here as quickly as possible.” , is the call of the woman in the hands of the Hamas militia.

The Israeli army (IDF) announced that the family of the 21-year-old child was informed that their daughter was detained. The IDF’s comment was, “They introduce themselves as a humanitarian organization, but they are terrorists.” Abu Ubeida, spokesman for Hamas’ military wing, said that approximately two hundred hostages in the Strip were held by Hamas, while another fifty hostages were held by other “resistance groups”. According to the statement made by the agency last night ReutersHamas would demand the release of 6 thousand prisoners in Israeli prisons in exchange for the hostages captured in the October 7 attacks.

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Source: Today IT