At least 200 dead after bombing of hospital in Gaza

“200 to 300 martyrs” died in the Israeli bombings in the United States Al Ahli HospitalOne of the health centers in Gaza reported this on Tuesday Palestinian Ministry of Health in a statement, also announcing that “hundreds of people are under the rubble.”

Until this morning, as this portfolio had previously reported, the number of murdered Palestinians in the Gaza Strip since the start of the war between Israel and the enclave’s militias 3,000.

Gaza’s Sanad news agency, citing official sources, said the death toll could exceed 500.

This is the attack with the highest number of fatalities to date since war broke out on October 7 between the Palestinian militias of Gaza and Israel, resulting in more than 3,000 deaths in Gaza and 1,400 deaths in Israeli territory.

According to local sources, the health center – a Christian facility – housed around 2,000 people seeking refuge from the bombings after evacuating their homes in recent days, a dynamic seen in most hospitals in the Strip.

“The terrible massacre committed by the Zionist occupation of the hospital, which left hundreds of victims, is a crime of genocide,” Hamas said in a statement.

He said the majority of the dead and injured were “displaced families, patients, children and women” who were sheltered in the area in recent days.

EFE consulted the Israeli military about the incident, which claimed to be investigating what happened.

For his part, the main military spokesman, Daniel Hagari, told the Israeli press that it is not known at this time whether it was an attack by Israeli warplanes.

“There have been a lot of (Israeli) bombings, a lot of failed rocket launches (by Palestinian militias) and a lot of deception spread by Hamas,” Hagari said.

The eleven days of war between Israel and Palestinian militias mark the armed conflict with the greatest human damage Gaza has suffered in recent years, with almost two-thirds of the enclave’s fatalities being women and children.

Source: El heraldo