What we know about the Gaza hospital massacre

It was not an air attack by the Israeli army. But not only that: Considering that it was not the Al Ahli hospital building that was hit, but its parking lot, the number of victims would be much lower than Palestinian sources declare. What caused the explosion in Gaza, which sparked protests and global outrage throughout the Muslim world and embarrassed even Tel Aviv’s closest allies, was a rocket launched, perhaps inadvertently, by Islamic Jihad, another terrorist organization that triggered the conflict. It is Hamas. This is what Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the Israeli Armed Forces IDF, declared at a press conference.

IDF version

In his profile, Hagari showed journalists some images from last night’s events. “Unlike Hamas, the IDF immediately launched an investigation into the attack,” the spokesman said. “We immediately checked all relevant branches of the IDF,” and from there it emerged that around 18:15 local time on Tuesday, Islamic Jihad launched a barrage of rockets on Israel. At 18.59, 10 of these rockets were fired from the cemetery near the hospital in Gaza, and just at that time, news of an explosion in the health facility came.

According to the IDF, this was clearly a mistake by Hamas: since the beginning of the conflict, 450 defective Palestinian rockets have exploded in the Strip. The terrorist organization launched a “global media campaign” blaming Israel in an attempt to cover up its failure. “They came to the point of inflating the number of victims,” ​​Hagari added, explaining that aerial images available to Tel Aviv confirmed there was no direct hit to the hospital and no damage to nearby buildings. The only area damaged was the parking lot outside the hospital. Israel does not have a clear death toll, but according to the IDF, the number will be much lower than the more than 300 deaths initially reported.

Hamas’ reaction

Tel Aviv’s version was flatly rejected by Islamic Jihad, which called Israel’s accusations “lies”. “As usual, the Zionist enemy is trying to evade responsibility for the brutal massacre by making up lies, bombing the hospital and pointing to Islamic Jihad,” the Islamist movement said in a press release directed at Palestinians. said. According to Johad, Israel ordered the evacuation of the hospital under the threat of bombing, and the tragedy was caused by a bomb dropped by an Israeli army plane.

The bombing sparked protests and global outrage across the Muslim world as we waited to understand the truth about the attack. “The images at Al Ahli Hospital are horrifying and distressing. There is no excuse for targeting a hospital full of civilians. All the facts must be revealed and those responsible must be held accountable. In this tragic hour, we must all redouble our protection efforts. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said “We are saving civilians from the fury of this war,” he said in his speech at the European Parliament plenary in Strasbourg.

Summit canceled

Yesterday in Jordan, US President Joe Biden met with Palestinian President Abu Mazen, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi and Jordanian King Abdul Fattah al-Sissi. He was expected to hold a summit in Amman with Abdullah. However, following news of the hospital bombing, which sparked protests in front of Israeli embassies in many countries, Jordan canceled the meeting, claiming that the summit “could not stop the war for now”. Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Al Safadi, in his official statement, said, “After consultations with our Palestinian and Egyptian brothers and our meetings with the USA, we decided not to hold this summit. This summit is our purpose.” “If it happens, we will find a solution, that is, stop the war, respect the humanity of the Palestinians and provide the assistance they deserve.”

Israel-Hamas conflict: live

Biden is now expected to be in Israel. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called Palestinian National Authority President Abu Mazen and expressed his condolences for the hospital massacre. Since the start of the Israeli offensive, at least 600 thousand Palestinians have fled from the north to the south of the Gaza Strip, following warnings from the Israeli Armed Forces. The same armed forces also announced the creation of a humanitarian zone in the Strip, where humanitarian aid will be delivered to the population in the Palestinian region, as Egypt requested from the United States. A humanitarian zone will be established in the Al Mawasi region near Khan Younis, where “international humanitarian aid will be provided in case of need” and where the Palestinian people are asked to leave. The Israeli army published a map of the region.

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Source: Today IT