Fake lawyer who won 26 cases without studying law

A fake lawyer who stole the identity of a real lawyer and managed to win dozens of cases in the courts without any qualifications or legal training. An ingenious scam from Kenya, worthy of a Hollywood movie. The hero of the story is Brian Mwenda: The man would break into the Law Society of Kenya, his country’s equivalent of the Bar Association, and replace one of his namesake’s data with his own, including the photo. After “becoming” a lawyer, Mwenda achieved great results and won 26 cases in court. The scam was uncovered when the real Brian Mwenda Ntwiga contacted the Agency to report that he was unable to access his profile and the changes made by the fake lawyer, who was later arrested by the police.

The case sparked a wave of controversy in Kenya. On the one hand, lawyers were outraged by the cases the fraudster won without a degree, but he was also praised as “a brilliant young mind capable of winning the court without having traditional qualifications.” Even Nairobi’s former governor, Mike Sonko, came to his defense, saying he would help the man gain the legal qualifications to practice the profession. Despite mixed reactions, the case has exposed flaws in the justice system and authorities are considering what measures should be taken to prevent similar incidents from happening again in the future.

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Source: Today IT