What is Captagon, the “ISIS drug” also used by Hamas?

It was stated that the Hamas commandos who massacred men, women and children in southern Israel on October 7 were acting under the influence of Captagon, which was called the “ISIS drug” because it was also used by terrorists in the attacks. According to Israeli TV Channel 12, traces of this special narcotic substance, also called “poor medicine”, were found in both the prisoners and the killed militiamen. Those narcotic pills were also still in the pockets of Hamas members who remained on the ground after the clashes.

Therefore, this particular amphetamine, produced in Syria and Lebanon and whose spread dates back to 2006, may be behind the horror in the regions close to the Gaza Strip. So what is Captagon and what are its effects? It is phenethylline hydrochloride, a compound of amphetamines and other stimulants that turns those who use it into literal killing machines. This substance causes loss of judgment, resistance to fatigue, euphoria, and the removal of all inhibitions. Moreover, it provokes a sense of absolute power that allows terrorists to commit all kinds of brutality and violence without feeling any emotion and indifference. This synthetic drug also suppresses appetite, keeping you awake for days. It has been renamed the “ISIS drug” because it has been used by terrorists in the past to suppress fear during attacks.

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Source: Today IT