Terrorism, new bomb threat explodes in Versailles. The evacuated palace

Versailles, the evacuated Palace. Terrorism alert across Europe. Once again the Palace of Versailles ends up at the center of the storm, experiencing its fourth evacuation in the space of a few days. The alarm went off in the early afternoon of Thursday, October 19th. “For security reasons, the Palace of Versailles is evacuating visitors and will reopen as soon as checks have been carried out. We thank you for your understanding”, reads the “X” profile of the Palace.

In France, threats of attacks now occur daily, as it has been a few days since the murder of secondary school teacher Dominique Bernard in Arras, in the north of the country, which led authorities to place the entire Hexagon under “emergency attack”. , the maximum alert level provided for by the French security device. Last Saturday, the Louvre also had to close.

Source: IL Tempo