France, the nun is furious with the eco-activist: she pursues and attacks

A nun approaches an environmentalist. No, it’s not a bad taste film or the beginning of a madman’s story. It’s the curious scene filmed by an operator in Saint-Pierre-de-Colombier, a town with just 451 inhabitants in the south of France. The man was filming the protest by the group “Les Amis de la Bourges” – literally “The Friends of the Village” – organized against the construction of a new religious complex. A group of nuns, far from being intimidated, decided to challenge the protesters and form a human chain to stop the activists who wanted to force the blockade. Suddenly, after a morning of “confrontations”, one of the environmentalists tries to escape. However, this does not go unnoticed by one of the sisters who reacts quickly – this is the scene that is circulating so much on the web – and with perfect timing she knocks the man down, throwing him into the mud.

The environmentalist’s outburst was useless, as he was very indifferent to the young nun. A moment later, however, the sisters returned to softer and more peaceful attitudes, singing choruses as they tried to block – this time without the use of force – the activists furious with what had happened. “I didn’t expect this,” Sylvain Herenguel, co-president of the association for the future of the Bourges valley, told French state TV. “I expected the nuns to be a little more reasonable about public order. The problem is that religious people decided to resort to violence. They decided to protect the place with their actions and their bodies.”

The issue, despite the tension and the video that is literally becoming popular, continues to prevail. On one side the nuns want to build a chapel with more than 3 thousand seats, on the other the environmentalists who are more aggressive than ever and who really don’t want to give up. In fact, according to the latest news, activists have asked the authorities to suspend the shipyard, until – at least – all environmental authorizations have been obtained.

Source: IL Tempo