Porro reveals the interests of the war in the Middle East: who benefits from it

In the Middle East, the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas is just the mirror of a broader economic and strategic war. This involves some of the fastest growing countries in recent decades: India and China. Nicola Porro talks about this in her editorial published in Il Giornale on October 20th. Porro highlights China’s interest in breaking the agreements and alliances that Israel and Saudi Arabia were establishing. “Iran and Hamas alone, on the international scene, are not going anywhere – writes Porro in Il Giornale – But in fact, they are not alone. Saudis and Israelis. And this break is worth a lot of money. You just need to follow trade to understand that the great beneficiary of this impasse is called the People’s Republic of China. Not Moscow, not the Arab world, not Turkey, but Beijing. It is no coincidence that the first to diplomatically attack Tel Aviv were the Chinese.”

Then Porro highlights and reveals what China’s interest is. And especially against whoever is playing. “India, together with us Europeans, would have been the biggest beneficiary of the Saudi agreements with Israel – continues Porro – Its «Cotton Route» (in contrast to the Chinese «Silk Road») envisages a large infrastructural and commercial agreements that depart from India, pass through the Saudis, arrive in Israel and disembark in European ports in the Mediterranean. The terrorist objective is certainly Israel. But the economic objective is the axis that was being created between India, the Saudis, Israel and Europe. Why don’t the Chinese condemn terrorists, with their knives and Kalashnikovs. That’s why we should stand with Israel twice.”

Source: IL Tempo