Middle East, Hamas releases two hostages: the reasons and the message to the USA

Good news from the war in the Middle East. Hamas announced that it had released two hostages, two American citizens, mother and daughter, for humanitarian reasons. The liberation – writes Hàaretz – occurred with the mediation of Qatar. In a statement, Hamas said the two were released “to demonstrate to the American people and the world that the allegations of Joe Biden and his fascist administration are false and baseless.”

Hamas also called for the permanent opening of the Rafah crossing, which remains closed while negotiations continue on the conditions for the entry of aid. And then he accused the West: “Limiting the talks to just the passage of 20 trucks in Gaza is a Zionist and American attempt to throw mud in their eyes.” The note calls for the “permanent and continuous opening of the door” not only “to transport the injured and treat them”, but also so that the flow of aid “reaches all areas of Gaza”. Hamas also condemned the fact that aid, which may only start arriving tomorrow, is limited to the south of the Gaza Strip. “This type of distribution allows the occupation,” he said, referring to Israel, “to put pressure on the Palestinian people to continue moving south.”

Source: IL Tempo