War, Biden wants 106 billion to fight on all fronts in the world

“The world is watching us, and the American people rightly hope that their leaders will find unity to address these priorities.” This is what Shaland Young, head of the White House budget office, wrote in the letter to interim president Patrick McHenry in which the request, announced yesterday by Joe Biden in his speech, for the almost 106 billion dollars for Ukraine was formalized, Israel and border security. “I urge Congress to address them as part of a comprehensive, bipartisan agreement in the coming weeks,” we read in the letter, which arrives as the Republican majority controlling the House is in total chaos following the impeachment two weeks ago of the Speaker of the House. , Kevin McCarthy. and the so far unsuccessful maneuvers to elect another.

Faced with skepticism and resistance from many Republicans to new financing for Ukraine, Biden combined these, around 60 billion, in a single package, with those, around 40 billion, to help Israel in the conflict in Gaza that erupted after the Hamas attacks. 7 October, together with those relating to border security and Taiwan. The White House’s hope is to craft an additional security spending bill that can win approval from the chaotic Republican majority in the House.

Source: IL Tempo