Israel, the hostages are still alive. How many minors are there?

Good news from the war in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas. Most of the Israeli hostages captured by terrorists are still alive: an update from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has made this known. For now there is still no clarity on the total number of hostages held in Gaza: between 100 and 200 for the IDF, more than 250 for Hamas. A spokesman for the group’s military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, said in a video statement on Monday that there were 200 hostages in the hands of the Brigades alone, to which must be added those under the control of other “militant formations.” in Gaza. The Israeli army also said that 20 people under the age of 18 were among the hostages. The IDF also specified that between 10 and 20 hostages are over 60 years old.

And regarding the hostages came the intervention of the Russian ambassador in Tel Aviv, Anatoly Viktorov: “Naturally we have contacts with representatives of Hamas, aiming first and foremost to obtain the release of the hostages”. Russia is trying to get involved in negotiations between the two fronts.

Source: IL Tempo