The woman spoke about her eight-and-a-half-year struggle with mold in the apartment she shares with her two children. Demi-Leigh Bevan lives on Caergynydd Road in Waunarlwydd, Swansea, with two-year-old Matteo Chiappa and nine-year-old Luca Chiappa. And for nearly a decade, the mother of two has had to deal with mold in her city apartment, which she now fears could affect her children’s health.

And the point is not that you want to get rid of it. Swansea Council, which says it takes tenants’ concerns very seriously, especially when mold is discovered, has been helping Demi deal with the issues she raised. Mold remediation work was recently completed and additional work is planned for the apartment this week.

But mold is proving to be a difficult problem to solve, despite all efforts to solve it. When Demi’s son Luca was a baby, she said mold “destroyed” the new furniture she bought him, including a new crib and changing table. Eight years later, he said he is still struggling to deal with mold in his home, despite the council taking steps to address damp in the apartment, including installing a ventilation system and plastering the walls. Join our WhatsApp news community for the latest news.

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There is mold on the shutters in the apartment. Demi said she threw away a game because it was “black” from mold

Mold on the furniture at Demi’s house

Mold in flat occupied by Demi-Lee Bevan in Caergynydd Road, Waunarlwydd
Demi said her cobbler shoes were ruined by the humidity in her house

“[Mould] I’ve never been in my nine-year-old son’s room often. But now it’s all behind his bed. The little one is still with me. But Luka has a bed with drawers and I use the drawers and store the bed linen there. The other day when I was cleaning, the mold from the boxes got into the children’s bedding,” she said.

The 26-year-old woman said she also found mold on her youngest son’s toys, mattress, bedding and crib. While Matteo was diagnosed with asthma, Luca suffered from regular throat infections almost every two months for the past two years, which caused him to miss a lot of classes, Demi explained. He said he is now on the waiting list to have his tonsils removed.

“Of course, I’m not sure if mold is the cause. But I know it’s not good for your immune system or health problems. I had to throw out all our pillows and buy new ones because they were wet. Obviously, sleeping on it and inhaling it is not good. They told me [by the council] Clean the windows and wipe away the moisture every time it comes back, but now it’s ruining our stuff. “I can’t afford to keep replacing these things only to have them break again.” For the latest Swansea news, sign up to our newsletter here.

Mold in flat occupied by Demi-Lee Bevan in Caergynydd Road, Waunarlwydd
The mother of two threw away her bedding because of the damp.

Mold in flat occupied by Demi-Lee Bevan in Caergynydd Road, Waunarlwydd
The storage drives are damaged.

Mold in flat occupied by Demi-Lee Bevan in Caergynydd Road, Waunarlwydd
New windows will be installed in the apartment in the coming days, said a City Council spokesperson.

While battling mold in her apartment, Demi tried many different ways to help control the humidity in her home. This includes keeping the windows open during the day, keeping the Flatmaster’s ventilation system on “always” despite high electricity bills, taking him to the dry cleaners, which “costs a bomb,” and taking shorter showers. Demi added that even the ventilation system itself was “covered in mold.”

Although the city had planned more maintenance work on the apartment, Demi said the problem was “intensifying” and the mold was “spreading.” The mold has already “covered” Demi’s pantry, toys and children’s shoes, which she keeps on a shoe rack in her room. “I had to throw away a lot of things. It’s on all my shoes, on the shoe rack in my room. It’s on all my curtains. I no longer have blinds there because they turned black and I threw them away. . “Everything is in my son’s eyes.”

Mold in flat occupied by Demi-Lee Bevan in Caergynydd Road, Waunarlwydd
This problem has been occurring on and off in Demi’s house for over eight years.

Mold in flat occupied by Demi-Lee Bevan in Caergynydd Road, Waunarlwydd
The ceiling of Demi’s apartment in Wonarlvidda

Mold in flat occupied by Demi-Lee Bevan in Caergynydd Road, Waunarlwydd
The curtains in Demi’s house were also affected by the humidity

He added: “I don’t want my nine-year-old son to have surgery and there be a risk of infection or something like that. “This really scares me,” Demi added.

A council spokesperson said: “We are happy to continue to assist the tenant with any issues they raise with us. Mold remediation work was recently completed. We inspect the property and repair the windows. Several new windows will be installed in the coming days. Maintenance of the ventilation system is scheduled for this week. We take tenant concerns very seriously, especially issues where mold has been found. In Swansea we invest £545 million in planned maintenance programs to repair, maintain and improve more than 13,700 council properties.

“This includes programs to improve building insulation, reduce heat loss and energy consumption. The exteriors of our apartments on Caergynydd Road have been renovated to improve their thermal performance. “This year we are investing £37 million in repairing, maintaining and improving existing homes in Swansea.” You can find more information about dealing with mold and condensation here.