“Beheaded newborns recorded on video”: Meloni condemns Hamas horrors

“No justification justifies terrorism, no justification justifies actions deliberately designed to attack defenseless civilians, no justification justifies murdering women and newborn babies deliberately filmed and decapitated.” This was said by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, speaking at the peace summit being held in Cairo. The prime minister’s sentence has reignited debate over the atrocities in rural communities in southern Israel bordering the Gaza Strip last Saturday, October 7, when Hamas militia commandos massacred more than a thousand Israeli civilians and soldiers in a surprise attack. There has also been much talk about beheaded newborns given by the Israeli army, but for which there has been no independent verification to date.

“Terrorist acts that have occurred over time have actually weakened the legitimate demands of the people, especially in the Muslim world. It is the choice of Hamas, which uses terrorism to prevent any dialogue and the possibility of coming together, even of the Palestinian people.” “It is a concrete solution,” said Meloni, reminding that a ceasefire must be established in Palestine to prevent the clash of civilizations.

“Although the starting positions seem distant, it is in everyone’s interest that what is happening in Gaza does not turn into a much broader conflict, a war of religion, a conflict between civilizations,” Meloni said.

Meloni demanded the state of Israel’s right to its own defense, existence, and security of its citizens and borders, explaining that this was a right “fully legitimized” by the terrorist attack on October 7. “But a state’s response can never and should never be motivated by revenge. A state bases its response on strictly security reasons, measuring its strength on security reasons and the defense of the civilian population. This must remain the state’s response. A state facing terrorism. This is also the State of Israel’s I’m sure he has the will.” So Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was at the ongoing peace summit in Cairo. However, expectations are also low due to the absence of key actors: There will be neither Iran supporting Hamas nor representatives of Israel and the United States.

The day started with the good news that the first trucks carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza entered the Rafah gate in two weeks since the start of Israel’s retaliation. According to the press office of the Islamist organization Hamas, which has been in power in the Gaza Strip since 2006, medicine, medical supplies and a limited amount of food products have arrived in the Palestinian region.

Source: Today IT