The Russians are using new tactics. They want to get closer to the Ukrainian positions

Russian soldiers fighting near Avdiivka are digging underground tunnels to get as close as possible to Ukrainian positions.

This was announced by Anton Kotsukon, spokesman for the 110th Independent Mechanized Brigade, which is taking part in the fighting near Avdiivka. He emphasized that the fight is difficult because the Russians are constantly replenishing personnel and equipment.

– They have sufficient resources, very heavy fighting takes place every day, every day they throw new troops into the attack – both personnel, armored vehicles, aviation, artillery – said the spokesperson of the Ukrainian brigade.

According to him, Ukrainian reconnaissance units witnessed the use of remotely operated vehicles the size of passenger cars by the Russians intended to deliver ammunition.

Fight for Avdiivka. Report from American experts

The American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported in its Saturday analysis that Russian forces resumed their offensive at Avdiivka and made little progress.

“Russian forces began renewed offensive operations near Avdiivka on October 20 and have made modest progress, indicating that the Russian military command is still engaged in offensive operations in this area despite heavy losses of equipment and personnel,” the report said.

ISW indicates that the Russian army has made little progress in the area of ​​Krasnohorivka, located 5 km north of Avdiivka.

A Russian military blogger quoted in the material estimated that the effectiveness of Russian units near Avdiivka is declining due to poor communications and ammunition shortages, “which most likely increases material losses in this area” on the aggressor’s side.

ISW: Major losses on the Russian side

American analysts point out that the previous attack on October 10 also led to major losses on the Russian side.

According to ISW’s assessment, the fact that the Russian army has regrouped and attacked Avdiivka again may indicate that Russian forces believe they can capture the city, or that the Russian command is incorrectly prioritizing offensive operations, with losses are ignored.

Source: Do Rzeczy